Gaza Blues: Hymns of love, death and resistance by Haidar Eid

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In my hand was my weapon — a tiny mobile phone close to my mouth, my beard soaked with tears. Then the first child — a song — was born, a child baptized in blood. Hence the title, “Love in the Time of Genocide”… Ideally speaking, I hope that this will be a fresh examination of the ravages of occupation, apartheid and genocidal blockade, as well as a reflection of the range of human emotions under these circumstances, from fierce resistance and commitment to freedom to love and romance.

Haidar Eid is an independent political commentator from the Gaza Strip, Palestine.

The album Gaza Blues: Hymns of Love, Death and Resistance is available to purchase through Hard copies are available to purchase by contacting adie_mormech AT hotmail DOT com.

The songs are dedicated to the courage and resistance of the Palestinian people on the journey to justice and freedom. All proceeds from sales of the song will be donated towards the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

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Unauthorized Disclosure – Guest: Janice Williamson by Rania Khalek

Rania Khalek on Unauthorized Disclosure​ podcast (from minute 00:36:34) reports on and analyses the latest developments vis-à-vis Israel and genocide, connecting the dots between the makeup of the new government and the latest Breaking the Silence​ report on Israel’s last campaign of extermination in Gaza.

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