Palestine Solidarity: Why the NDP Convention Matters on The Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

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“Now these two examples are extremely problematic, because if Im going to talk about our own dispossession, our own Nakba; the overall intent of this resolution is to silence me. Because people will be afraid to listen to even what I have to say in the fear of being labeled antisemitic. Because it is a really horrific charge to be labeled antisemitic. Rightfully so, and we shouldn’t be combatting that. However this definition, the intent that it is coming out with is to conflate the criticism of the state of Israel and its policies with being antisemitic. So by me mentioning Nakba; mentioning the racist laws that Israel is implementing on Palestinians; by me mentioning the genocide and what Israel did to Palestinians; I will be labeled antisemitic, and I won’t be able to speak it. If we follow this definition.”

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