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The first charge of racial aggravation took more than a year and a half to be resolved, and involved more than 20 court appearances, which Napier angrily described as being “beyond preposterous”. The ludicrous charges, more often than not thrown out of court or leading to the collapse of trials, expose the desperate efforts of pro-Israeli lobbyists and their lackeys as they try to destroy college lecturer Napier and his co-accused.

His first trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in front of Sheriff John Scott came to a grinding halt soon after the procurator fiscal told a packed courtroom that it was racist to say the words “End the Siege of Gaza! Genocide in Gaza!” on a public street; the crime, the Scottish legal official added, would be made more serious by repetition. Sheriff Scott ridiculed the PF’s case.

“Our Article 10 free speech protections would be rendered useless and we would have to march in a demonstration carrying placards saying ‘End war crimes in an unnamed Middle Eastern state’,” said Napier. The charges were literally laughed out of court. 

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Outrage over Scottish law chief meeting with Israeli embassy by Yvonne Ridley

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A secret document has emerged revealing how Israeli embassy officials in Britain sought a meeting with Scotland’s most senior legal official to discuss the Scottish Jewish community. Released under the Freedom of Information Act, the communication between the Lord Advocate and the embassy suggested a meeting which would enable the Apartheid State to discuss “Jewish relationships in Scotland” and the “Israeli and Scottish prosecutorial systems”.

… In the meantime, the SPSC issued a statement pledging to continue to “campaign peacefully for boycott against the genocidal State of Israel, a right that the Westminster Government has said openly it will try to revoke, building on previous efforts by one time Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The trials of SPSC members past, ongoing and future are our contribution to the worldwide campaign for BDS and the lavishly financed worldwide campaign against BDS being waged by the Israeli government with, possibly, support from the Lord Advocate on behalf of the Scottish Government.”

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Clinton emails reveal power of civil society direct action by Yvonne Ridley

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Without realising that it was taking on the Goliath of the American political system, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign set out a decade ago to stop Israeli government-backed artistes from performing in their capital city at one of the world’s best known festivals… SPSC learned this week just how powerful its campaigns proved to be when an article in The Scotsman newspaper revealed how Hillary Clinton tried to exert pressure on film festival organisers to accept financial backing from Israel… “We are amazed by the news because Clinton’s emails were obviously never intended to see the light of day,” commented Mick Napier. “Every email proves that we can change things although until now it was kept secret just how successful our actions were. We had no idea this was going on behind the scenes.”

The veteran activist gave credit to the Scottish government for resisting this sort of pressure. “We can now say that this is an Edinburgh anti-apartheid, clean air act; in other words, the festivals are an Israeli-state-sponsored-free zone.” When Edinburgh has the Palestinian equivalent of Glasgow’s Nelson Mandela Place, he suggested, then we will be able to say that the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign played its part in the struggle against Israeli Apartheid and genocide.

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