Review: “Homo Deus” By Yuval Harari – Palestinian Genocide & Climate Genocide Ignored by Dr Gideon Polya

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Anti-racist Jewish American scholar Professor Jared Diamond in his best-selling book “Collapse” (Prologue, p10, Penguin edition [82, 83]) has also enunciated the “moral principle, namely that it is morally wrong for one people to dispossess, subjugate, or exterminate another people” – an injunction grossly violated by racist Zionist-run Apartheid Israel and its racist, genocide-committing and genocide-ignoring US Alliance backers. No doubt Dr Hariri is a bold, progressive, secular, science-informed  and humane scholar but he belongs to a dominant Zionist minority that rules an  Apartheid Israel that has nuclear weapons, invades and occupies other countries, and is among world leaders in high technology  weaponry (with the convincing  selling point from the “Homo Deus” Apartheid Israeli salespersons being that they are pre-tested on Palestinians, Arabs, Iranians and other asserted “untermenschen”  around the world from Guatemala to Sri Lanka) [84].

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