Israel’s homophobic education minister Rafi Peretz peddles a vile doctrine, racist to its core by David Sheen

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If there were any remaining doubts about Peretz’ odious ideology, he dispelled them this week when his ministry co-sponsored a ceremony honoring another arch-racist Israeli rabbi, Yitzchak Ginsburgh… the rabbi who published “The King’s Torah,” a religious manual that grants Jews the license to kill any non-Jew that they fear may one day threaten them, even babies. Casual observers of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are unlikely to have noticed this last news item, seeing as it did not receive even a thousandth of the press coverage given to Peretz professing, and then backtracking, on his homophobia.
… In 2016, when he was the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Army, Peretz bestowed his prestige upon the author of “The King’s Torah,” Yitzhak Shapira, joyously dancing with him at his daughter’s wedding.
Idolising assassins and loathing leftists, inverting the Holocaust and justifying genocide: these are the ideas that Israel’s national religious camp imparts to its students, the ideas that they wish to instill in all Jewish youth, in Israel and abroad.
For over a decade, Netanyahu has presided over this insidious process. But now with Rafi Peretz as education minister, we can expect it to occur even quicker.

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