THORNTON: Media silence does not necessitate yours on The Vanderbilt Hustler

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“I think Americans largely get it,” the former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu told us in 2014. “They know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.” The ways in which we are presented information prompts us to “get it.” This is not to say there isn’t biased reporting that exists in the opposing favor, because there is, but it would be a lie to say it’s frequent or comparable. We get, as past presidents of the United States have reminded us, that Israel is a shining democracy, despite Palestinian and Arab second-class citizenship. We get that this alliance withstands violent apartheid and military regime. We get discriminatory laws, reminiscent of American Jim Crow, and mass Palestinian incarceration. We get ethnic cleansingimperialist blockade and systemic economic strain. We get periodic bombing. Get massacres. Get slow-motion genocide. We get it without question and without concern, and most importantly, get it while being too stupid to understand such a complicated conflict.

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