Empires Start by Moving Outward…and Finish by Moving Inward by Rainer Shea

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Such examples of how capitalism and empire create genocide represent just a few of the ways that these systems entail the mass killing and collective traumatization of the people who the power structure sees as disposable. This death machine works in cycles, with the atrocities that Leeche listed being only a few of the steps that the cycles include.

… These methods of violently enforcing global capitalism around the world, whether the method is economic sanctions or direct warfare, are done with the goal of causing bodily and mental harm to the people of the disobedient countries. This is how Israel operates in its campaign to terrorize the Palestinian people into ceding their land to the Zionist project; deliberately killing Palestinian children and civilians, tightly policing Palestinian political speech, demolishing Palestinian homes, and keeping Palestinians within Israel’s territory under apartheid are Israel’s tools for trying to make the Palestinian people accept being colonized and their land monetized for the benefit of the more powerful nation.

As the collapse of capitalism and the U.S. empire continues, it will become increasingly apparent that Gaza may be functioning as an experimenting ground for the more extreme measures that the global oligarchs will likely use to maintain their control over the system.

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