Group protests faith event focusing on Israel

Several organizations protested the Israel Summit on Wednesday evening at Resurrection Fellowship by gathering outside the church… Pastor Jonathan Wiggins of Resurrection Fellowship said Wednesday that the summit, “will afford attendees the opportunity to show solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people as a unifying expression of our faith in the God of the Bible.” However, several groups in support of Palestine challenged those advocating for Israel because of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

Charles Carlson with “We Hold These Truths” and “Project Strait Gate” said in a Wednesday interview, “What this summit essentially does is unequivocally support actions of Israel no matter what they did.” He noted the deaths of more than 2,000 people, mostly civilians, from Israeli attacks in 2014 responding to rocket launches there. “We are not just concerned about Palestinian Christians but all Palestinian people,” Carlson said. “I’ve been in Gaza. I am very familiar with what I’m talking about. This is an ongoing continuous action of genocide that happens every three to four years.”

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