A Direct Line Between Love and Hate(Or: No, Mr. President, There’s No Comparing Israel and the Civil Rights Movement) by Phillip Agnew on Ebony

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We are taught concocted histories and rationales of America’s Immaculate Conception and manifested destinies; where ethnic cleansing, slavery, genocide, exploitation, and appropriation exist only as figments of our… imagination.  President Obama’s recent comments in the Atlantic are a prime example: 

…“There’s a direct line between supporting the right of the Jewish people to have a homeland and to feel safe and free of discrimination and persecution, and the right of African Americans to vote and have equal protection under the law. These things are indivisible in my mind.”’

On its face, it may seem like the above statement shouldn’t warrant even the slightest iota of imagination… President Obama is just reminding us of the strong historical similarities that we share with the apartheid state of Israel. No imagination needed here. I’m sure you’ve heard the story too many times to count, but I’ll refresh your memory.

The first settlers began arriving in 1964 and embarked on the grueling task of cleansing the land of white residents and indigenous people. It wasn’t easy but after the massacre of thousands and mass evacuations of hundreds of thousands, and with millions of whites and native peoples resettled in refugee camps scattered across Mexico, Canada, and Texas, the sons and daughters of African slaves finally had a home to call their own. 

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