Israeli Holocaust Commemoration Marred by Political Infighting by Richard Silverstein

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Returning to Yad Vashem, the western portion of its current site was the Palestinian site, Hirbat al-Hamama.  It was the agricultural fields of the adjacent village of Ayn Karem.  All of the Palestinian settlements were occupied by the Palmach in July 1948.  Their inhabitants were driven out.   The hill immediately adjacent to the current museum site is where Deir Yassin once sat.  And on another nearby hill in the Jerusalem Forest, Mohammed Abu Khdeir was brutally murdered in an incident portrayed in the HBO series, Our Boys. As conference-goers discuss weighty subjects of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Europe, they ought not to lose sight of the fact of Israeli Nakba and ethnic cleansing.  As the Jewish people recovered from the Holocaust, the Yishuv repeated a similar crime against the Palestinian people.

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