Of angels and the devil: How the West aid Israel commit genocide in Gaza by William Muchayi

Ironically, it’s the Israelis and not the Germans at the centre of the genocide against Palestinians with the blessings of the West. According to the Times of Israel, under certain circumstances, ‘genocide is permissible’ because it is directed against Palestinians who are ‘terrorists’ and should be ‘obliterated…’

It’s amazing to realise how mankind, in spite of his intellect, wisdom and advanced mental prowess has such short memory. For, how are these inflammatory sentiments, spiced with racist undertones that dehumanise Palestinians and condemn them to  sub-humans differ from Hitler’s notion of  plague carrying rats , a pretext he used  to exterminate Jews during the holocaust?

Given this deep rooted hatred and a complete disregard for human rights, is it surprising that almost 2000 Palestinians are massacred in cold blood in the Gaza Strip with the international community almost silent? Or, is it that the world is still gripped by the holocaust emotions to the extent of being blind to Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip?

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