Artist-activist Remy speaks on his Palestinian solidarity mural in Santa Fe by Alex De Vore

Please TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW and send your letter to the UN Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and the International Criminal Court Prosecutor.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, homeowner Guthrie Miller appealed a decision handed down from the city’s Land Use Department in a letter dated Jan. 28 informing him that the material and colors of the mural, which appeared overnight on his property on Jan. 5, did not conform to historic district standards. In an email to SFR, city spokeswoman Lilia Chacon was adamant that the mural’s politically charged content did not play a part in the decision. Bits and pieces of the mural have already been torn down by unknown parties.

The mural itself was created and executed by Arizona-based Navajo artist and activist Remy, who is launching direct actions in Iowa during the lead-up to the presidential caucus. SFR spoke with Remy by phone to get a clearer idea about his intent and how he feels about the future of the mural, entitled “Palestinian Solidarity Wall.”

Can you tell us about the impetus behind the mural?

I think it was just to bring attention to the Palestinian struggle in terms of colonization and genocide. 

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