On Hanging from the Blades of a Bulldozer: Al-Naem is Every Palestinian by Ramzy Baroud

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“Israel has the right to defend itself” is the typical retort emanating from Washington and its western allies, and now, even by some Arabs. Translation: Israel has the right to oppress and besiege Palestinians, to disrupt any sense of normalcy in their life, to deny them food and medicine, to block every entrance and every exit, to trap them for eternity; Israel also has the right to kill anyone who dares challenge this inhumane paradigm, and, when it chooses, to dangle his or her corpse from the blades of a bulldozer, so that it can restate the rules of the game over and over again.
Political science cannot help us much here, but history can. The humiliation of the Palestinians is part and parcel of an Israeli historical discourse that has dehumanized the Palestinians to the extent that during the genocidal war of 2014, Israelis gathered to watch the onslaught in Gaza, dancing and barbecuing and cheering every time white phosphorous came raining down on hapless Palestinians.

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