Chief Justice’s views on Israel are guided by religion, not the Constitution by Martin Jansen

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As South Africa, we now have a serious dilemma where our chief justice implicitly supports a modern day colonial genocide with disregard for the human rights of the native Palestinians. In concrete terms what are the implications for our judiciary where the highest official of the land is guided by religion in his political opinions and actions? How could this possibly not influence crucial cases that land up in the Constitutional Court — many of which relate to the unfinished business of spartheid and colonialism such as the land question, housing, discrimination?

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South African activist, Martin Jansen on Israel’s Apartheid: “Palestinians face racism, but they also face genocide.”

Martin Jansen: 

“For me, it is obvious that Palestinians have it much worse than we have ever experienced. Palestinians face racism, but they also face genocide. That genocide takes the form of occupation, removing people from land, and imprisoning them in Gaza: an open-air prison. The West Bank is not that different from Gaza. Palestinians are literally prisoners in a prisoner of war camp. My analysis is that it is a colonial, occupation, settler regime conducting genocide against Palestinians.

From 1948 onwards, when the right wing came to power in South Africa, they tried to introduce a Bantustan system where Africans would be part of those supposed countries. It was similar to what Palestinians face, but the treatment wasn’t half as bad. Africans were required to carry passbooks, like Palestinians. But there was no attempt by the apartheid regime to get rid of Africans or any other group that was not identified white. In fact, there was an economic dependence for cheap labor. There were quite a few massacres in the history of apartheid, but they certainly were not bombed. We never had so many people detained either.”

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