Manal Tamimi: Freedom Flotilla Shows People Still Believe In Justice For Palestinians on The Real News Network

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So it’s very important for us as Palestinians to see that solidarity worldwide with us. This is showing that we are not alone. And yesterday when we came and we saw the solidarity, the people who was gathering to support the flotilla, the team of the flotilla and the Palestinian cause, to be honest I was so, it was moving to see them. I know that they are supporting Palestine, but the way they were supporting Palestine, the strong emotion they have toward Palestinians, it was an, it gave a strong message for us, we are four Palestinians and one Israeli came here. It shows that there are still people who believe in justice and in the humanity. Especially that there are Israeli woman, Israeli Jew woman who is on board. And also this has given a message that we all together, Palestinian and Israeli, who believe in peace, we, we can live. It’s about occupation. It’s not about religion. It’s not about nationality. It’s About a systematic genocide, ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, and actually against all injustice around the world. When you support Palestine you support all the human causes.

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