Incremental Genocide: An Interview with Ilan Pappe by Malihe Razazan

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The Israelis were happy with the PA controlling the Gaza strip. So this was a kind of an open prison, if you want. But still a prison. But in 2005, the inmates- if one can call it this way, using the same metaphors of the prison- had enough, and rebelled against this strangulation and ghettoisation by starting a resistance movement. And the Israelis turned the open air prison into a maximum security prison, which they bombed from the outside, whenever they feel like, or whenever the rebellion is too much for them. And because the can’t divide the Gaza strip into areas A, B, and C, as they do in the West Bank, they can’t hope that the Palestinians would move to Egypt as they hoped that they would move from the West Bank to Jordan. And they know, I’m sure they know, they are fully conscience that if they don’t allow these people to be united with the rest of Palestine, if they do not check out, expel all these people, they leave them at their mercy in this huge prison which is called “the Gaza Strip”. And once this prison rebels, they are the strongest army in the area, if not in the world, they use the weapons that were made- originally- for fighting brigades of tanks and hundreds of thousands of soldiers. They use it on an urban space [equivalent to] a small city in America. So this is how it becomes genocidal.

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