Is Israel Committing a Genocide against the Palestinians of Gaza? by Luke Peterson

Ordinarily the Israeli campaign against the Palestinians is creeping and deliberate, involving processes of detention, and restriction: the abject denial of basic human rights and dignities that is integral to political and military occupation. It is “incremental genocide” (to borrow a phrase from the scholar Ilan Pappe)…

The Israeli leadership behaves with utter impunity. Netanyahu’s government is able to push international opinion to the brink of condemnation and censure (Latin America has been the moral conscience of the globe over the course of the last two weeks). But the Israeli government then settles back into its normal pattern of “incremental genocide.”

Only a massive swell of negative global opinion, widespread protest, institutionalized boycott, broad divestment, and/or huge public condemnation can stem the tide of unchecked Israeli aggression.

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