Vanishing Palestine by Lila Sharif

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Palestine’s landscape becomes the exclusive property of Israeli state bureaucracy and Jewish settlement. Through legal measures, genocide is embedded in the very architecture of Israeli settler- colonial occupation in ways that make impossible Palestinian claims to land. The “off limits” status of Palestinian lands also manifests within architectures of surveillance and confinement, as biopolitical forms of genocide.
… as a settler- colonial power, Israel’s implmentation of direct and indirect structures of genocide ranges from outlaw-ing the word nakbah in historical textbooks and colloquial discourse, to providing a Palestinian homeowner one week to demolish their own home or be imprisoned and fined, to eliminating any trace of Palestinian life in areas like Jabal Abu- Ghneim. For Shehadeh, Israeli “law” meant that members of his family legally did not exist
… The eco- occupation of Palestine thus extends beyond spectacular massacres to mundane forms of genocide vis- à- vis the regulation and monitoring of Palestinian land and biopolitics. As a result of these measures, “life is lived on threads” in such a way that is obscured by the regimes of legality where the management of bodies masquerade as due processes that render Palestinian lifeways and landways “off limits.

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