“Land Body Industry” explores the impact of industry on human lives by Maddy Folstein

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Drawing from conversations with her family and archival research, artist Lamia Abukhadra’s work examines the impact of genocide and war on her Palestinian heritage.

“I tell a story of genocide specifically through my family’s point of view. I talk about the orange grove that we used to own, which was our livelihood…”

As Abukhadra attempted to bring this location into her work, she had to dig to identify the specifics of the location she was trying to depict.

“I do often use maps as a way of locating, and then what’s interesting about location is that a lot of villages and streets and towns and cities were either erased off of maps or renamed, so it’s really hard to find where things were, so you have to do a lot of digging through maps … that existed before 1948,” Abukhadra said.

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