States defunding UNRWA may be violating genocide convention: expert on The New Arab


  • A UN expert warned Sunday that countries defunding the UN agency for Palestinian refugees were breaching a court order to provide effective aid in Gaza and could be violating the international genocide convention.
  • A number of donor countries – including Australia, Britain, Finland, Germany and Italy – on Saturday followed the lead of the United States in suspending additional funding to UNRWA.
  • That came after Israel alleged that several of the UN agency’s staff members were involved in Hamas’s 7 October attack. The Israeli allegations were based on confessions obtained in interrogations and have not been independently investigated. Israel has killed more than 150 UNRWA staff in Gaza since the start of its latest offensive on Gaza.
  • Francesca Albanese, the UN special rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territories, warned that the decision to pause funding to UNRWA “overtly defies” the order by the International Court of Justice to allow effective humanitarian assistance” to reach Gazans.
  • “This will entail legal responsibilities – or the demise of the (international) legal system,” she wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

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They’re Openly Hostile to Israel. So Why Did These Italian Politicians Just Pay a Visit? on Ha’aretz

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During the 2014 Gaza war, for example, Manlio Di Stefano, a former computer engineer who acts as the movement’s point person for foreign policy, accused Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians and of launching the conflict to block the development of Gaza’s marine gas fields. Speaking in parliament, he said Zionism was by definition discriminatory against minorities and called on the government to withdraw its ambassador and suspend all economic agreements with Israel… When asked by Haaretz about his 2014 “genocide” remarks, Di Stefano said he stood by them, but added that they had been made “in a particular moment, in which we were witnessing the death of 2200 people in the bombing of Gaza.”

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Article about Genocide and Israel: Online petition urges ‘Nuremberg for Israel’ over ‘genocide of Palestinians’

People hold a banner in solidarity with Palestinian people during a protest at the Pantheon in Rome. (AFP Photo / Andreas Solaro)
Hundreds of Italians have signed an online petition slamming Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip as a “slow genocide” of the Palestinians and demanding a “Nuremberg trial” for Israel over the “destruction” of Palestine. The petition was signed by 525 Italians, mainly academics, Haaretz reported. The signees say they are dismayed by the events in Gaza and accuse Israel of pursuing colonial policies and “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians. The document calls for Israel to face an international tribunal, a Nuremberg-like trial, for its war crimes and the “slow genocide” of the Palestinian people… The online document also blames the US for supporting Israel, and the EU for “active or passive complicity” in Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people. The petition signees also accuse the United Nations of its failure to stop Israel. The Western media, according to activists, paints the events in the wrong light, justifying the Israeli offensive in Gaza as a self-defense operation.

Called ‘Noi Accusiamo’ (We Accuse), the petition was initially published on an academic website…

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