Zionism is the problem, not Hamas by Ibrahim Vawda

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It is true that Israel has not introduced gas chambers into Palestinian towns and villages. However, Israel has been killing and tormenting Palestinians since 1948 in a multiplicity of ways which, in their brutality and sheer evil, don’t really differ in substance from Nazi behaviour. Moreover, it is paramount to remember that the German holocaust started with an idea, much like the idea of Zionism. The Nazi ideology was translated into brutal savagery similar to the actions of those who wish to realise their Zionist dreams. These are rampant in pro-Zionists collective thinking these days, that they continue to drift towards religious, xenophobic and hostile extremism…

Another fact that must be confronted when dealing with the Palestinian Catastrophe is the Zionist narrative of “denial”. They fail to acknowledge the mass uprooting and dispossession of native Palestinians soon after the Nazi atrocities of World War II. A call for an inclusive and expanded understanding of the Nazi genocide is essential so that “never again” applies not to Jews only but to all of mankind, including Palestinians.

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