Review: “A Lover’s Country” By Stuart Rees – Overcoming Zionist Perversion Of The Mainstream Palestine Narrative by Dr. Gideon Polya

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“A Lover’s Country” is an important,  well-written and eminently readable  novel by academic and human rights activist  Stuart Rees based on the real life event of the award of the prestigious Sydney Peace Prize in 2003 to Palestinian writer, scholar, legislator and activist Hanan Ashrawi that aroused the ire of the ferocious  Australian Zionist Lobby and its  Mainstream journalist, politician and academic supporters that dominate media and public life in Australia… Before reviewing “A Lover’s Country” [1] in detail, it is useful to sketch the major features of the  ongoing Palestinian Genocide by US-, UK-, France-,  Canada- and Australia-backed, nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, democracy by genocide  Apartheid Israel…”

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Ashrawi warns Israel destroying Christian presence in the Holy Land at Middle East Christian confab

“But what is even more destructive is the deliberate Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing in Area C and in Jerusalem. Israelis get very upset when we use terms like Ethnic Cleansing or like Genocide or like War Crimes or Massacres,” Ashrawi said. “And I tell Israelis if the word disturbs you, you should see the actions. If you don’t like the word, then don’t do it. If you don’t like being described as the country that uses war crimes and ethnic cleansing than stop using ware crimes and ethnic cleansing and we won’t use the language. It is the action itself that is the significant part.”

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