Hungarian official: Israel committed genocide in Gaza on Middle East Monitor

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Israel committed genocide against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during its 2014 offensive, Mayor of the Hungarian Municipality of Erpatak, Mihaly Zoltan Orosz, said on Monday.

… The Hungarian Public Prosecution filed a complaint against Orosz, accusing him of “inciting hatred and hostility” after organising a demonstration against the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014. Speaking during the hearing, Orosz said that he would not rescind his remarks about the Israeli genocide. The Judge adjourned the hearing to 12 June.

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Wikipedia: Reactions to the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict

  • On 10 July, Bolivia condemned the brutal Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip and called on Tel Aviv to cease hostilities. The Foreign Ministry also called on the international community to intervene to stop “the genocide” and stressed that “should respect and comply with international agreements and treaties.”
  • Brazil‘s Special Advisor for International Relations was quoted saying “For the love of God, what we have here is genocide, a massacre, to the point where top UN officials are starting to talk about war crimes”.
  • On 2 August, the mayor of Érpatak [Hungary], Mihaly Zoltan Orosz, led a demonstration against what he called the “freemason media” conspiracy to silence the “ongoing genocide” committed by the Israeli military against Hamas in Gaza.
  • On 11 July, President Daniel Ortega [Nicaragua] said he “expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemned the genocidal bombing of Israel. How are we going to condemn us not, at this time, the genocide being committed against the Palestinian people again? Now go over there 80 dead, children, youth of all ages. Who for that genocide?”
  • Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif [Pakistan] said: “I am saddened and disappointed to note the silence of international community against this injustice, the silence and ineffectiveness of the Muslim Ummah has made Palestinians more vulnerable and made Israel more aggressive. The world must stop Israel from this naked and brutal aggression”. He termed the Israeli atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza as ‘genocide,’ urging the world to stop Israel’s naked and brutal aggression.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed, who was attending the Muslim Scholars Forum in Istanbul, said that the international community has failed to oppose Israeli aggression against Muslims in Palestine. “The ongoing genocide committed by Israel against our brothers in Palestine is something that we can not accept. Killing innocent people of women and children, targeting hospitals, mosques and schools is something very hateful. We share the pain with Palestinians, as we strongly say that Somalia is very upset about what is going in Gaza.
  • Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused Israel of conducting “state terrorism” and a “genocide attempt” against the Palestinians. He also stated that “as long as children are being slaughtered in Palestine, normalisation of Turkey-Israel relations are no longer impossible”.
  • In New Delhi, Protest was organized by 70 political and social groups on the theme of “Stop The Genocide in Gaza! Boycott Israel!” Protestors demanded that the international community, including India should “boycott Israel till the time it continues the illegal occupation of Palestine”.

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