Contra el Genocidio en Palestina / Against the Genocide in Palestine by Unión Patriótica and Eduardo Artés

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Faced with the permanent genocide and strategy of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people, on the part of the Israeli-Israeli foreign military occupation forces, in and on Palestinian land, UPA publicly declares the following:

– We condemn the systematic violation of human rights by the Zionist entity known as Israel, and the daily extermination of Palestinian children, adolescents, youth and women, in this plan of final solution and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

– We condemn impunity and no respect for the multiple resolutions of the UN, unfulfilled by this entity.

– We condemn racism and discrimination, (Zionism, which in the UN was declared a form of fascism), exercised by this entity towards the native people of Palestine, in all areas: Obstacles to practicing their religion (Christian and Muslim), and free access to their respective sacred places, speaking their language which is Arabic, in short, to be a citizen with all the rights and duties pertaining to their country.

– We declare that peace is achieved with the end of this foreign Israeli-Zionist military occupation dating back more than 70 years, and that Chile, its government as well as the rest of the countries of the world guarantors and faithful to the attachment of Human Rights and International Law must actively contribute to this peace, avoiding and rejecting the agreements that contribute to maintaining the status quo of this military occupation in Palestine.

– Not only because in Chile lives one of the most numerous communities of Palestinians and their families, as well as the Arab peoples in general, who are already an inseparable part of the Chilean people and because the solidarity of people to people is vital and essential. But because the own freedom and sovereignty of our country (given the great economic and even military interests that the so-called “State of Israel” has in Chile), is that from UNIÓN PATRIOTICA UPA we reiterate our total solidarity with the cause of the Palestinian people .

Zionism and imperialism will fall, Palestine will win!

Central Executive Body


Santiago July 31, 2017

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