OP-ED: The Rohingya and Palestinian crises, compared by Ahtaram Shine

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As a Rohingya refugee, I have found that our people have much in common with Palestinians. Both populations have been persecuted, repeatedly displaced, denied citizenship, and now subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing. Both Israelis and Myanmar Buddhists have the same goal — to drive them out of these countries. All too often, killing and torture have occurred in addition to land grabs.

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One year after Operation Protective Edge by Avisekh Konar

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Every child in Gaza, seven years or younger, has, in their little lifetime, seen three of the most murderous atrocities committed by Israel. Israel calls this periodic assault of Gaza “mowing the grass” — a chilling phrase which typifies the systematic dehumanisation of the Palestinian people, necessary for the acquiescence and approval of the Israeli population for the genocidal campaigns of their government.

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