Holocaust survivor, Edith Bell: No killing in Gaza in my name

In an open letter published as an ad in the “New York Times,” Holocaust survivors condemned Israel’s Gaza offensive as “genocide.” Edith Bell, born in 1923 in Hamburg, talks with DW about why she co-signed.

Why do you believe Israel’s attack on Gaza can be referred to as genocide?

Because they are killing people at random – a whole population is being killed. My Israeli nephew told me 20 years ago: You killed your Indians. Well, yeah. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

One can read so much furor between the lines in your answers. Why is that?

Well, I don’t want people doing these kinds of things in my name, and my tax money goes to it. Our US government seems to think that AIPAC represents all Jews, and it doesn’t. It’s the organization that has great influence on the US Congress, and they claim to represent the American Jews, which they do not, obviously.

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