Designing a Hopeful Vision for Gaza by Deen Sharp, Mahdi Sabbagh, Salem Al Qudwa

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In Jerusalem we obsessively long for Gaza because Gaza is the one stretch of Palestine that Palestinians from Jerusalem are barred from visiting. I have never once stepped foot in Gaza. And likewise, many Gazans have never stepped foot in Jerusalem, a mere 45 miles away. Geographic proximity coupled with this immeasurable distance between our two cities results in our inability to see Gaza for what it is. We instead opt to mythologize each other in the hope of forming a connection. This distance also leads to a paralyzing inability to think about Gaza, to imagine it beyond the Israeli blockade and the incremental genocide of its people. A goal of the Israeli blockade is to fragment the Palestinian psyche and to limit the ways in which we imagine our future liberation. If an entire generation cannot see Gaza, how will they know it exists? 

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