Structures of settler colonial dominationin Israel and in the United States by Johanna Fernandez

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The injustices we witnessed in Palestine—of ongoing Palestinian displacement and demolition of homes by the Israeli state,of attempts at dehumanizing the Palestinian people through educational policies designed to erase their culture and history, of stark economic disparities between Palestinians and Israelis, of mass incarceration and political imprisonment, and of the tragic and farcical deployment byIsraelis of Holocaust-like instruments of control against Palestinians—shocked the conscience.Although Zionist policies have not yet reached the Final Solution organized at Wannsee 1942,they certainly do resemble Kristallnacht 1938; while Gaza is not yet the Auschwitz death factory,it does resemble the Warsaw Ghetto.1 The current stage of Israeli genocide can easily reach those later Nazi manifestations. And even if they don’t, it’s still genocide.

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