A veto against a just peace for all in Palestine and Israel by Daniel A. Segal

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… the current Israeli election offers but two possible policy outcomes: more of the same and far worse.  The opposition “Blue and White” alliance is committed to maintaining this status quo, as if armed oppression can be continued indefinitely or judged to be anything other than an ethical travesty—or, let me say it, anything other than a betrayal of Jewish ethics.  The opposition alliance has no plans for negotiations, none for peace, and none for justice.  Its clearest pledge is that no Palestinian or Arab citizens of Israel will be brought into its government: its clearest stance is, in short, a commitment to racism.  As for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s electoral alliance, its candidates talk brazenly of annexing the West Bank—a project given new impetus by Donald Trump’s recent pronouncement that it is time for the U.S. to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. And since these same Israeli politicians are unequivocal that Israel must have a Jewish majority, the proposed annexation of the West Bank portends ethnic cleansing, even genocide.

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