This is Genocide – On Israel/Palestine by Alyssa Röhricht

To call what is going on in Israel and Palestine a “conflict” is to partake in the racist and blatantly false narrative that is being pushed by Israel. When one side fights with stones and homemade rockets, and the other side fights with a military backed by the full force of the United States military industrial complex, it is not a “conflict.” When civilian casualties – including hundreds of children – amass on only one side, it is not a “conflict.” When one side sets up with lawn chairs and popcorn to watch and cheer as their government bombs another country, it is not a “conflict.” When one side is not able to decide where they travel, does not control their own water supply, and are literally walled into an area, it is not a “conflict.” Israel is mowing the grass – killing citizens with impunity. This is apartheid. This is genocide. These are war crimes. Plain and simple.

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