Analysis: History has humiliated May over ‘terrorist’ Mandela – supporters of apartheid Israel will be next by David Jamieson

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Exploitation or genocide?

These are the limits to the apartheid analogy. Ultimately, the South African regime was overthrown by the black working class, who were empowered by the white minority’s dependence on their labour.

The Israeli state depends on massive foreign aid, not Palestinian labour. Consequently, huge numbers of Palestinians are unemployed and living in extreme poverty. Economic life in parts of Palestine, particularly the brutalised Gaza strip, has essentially broken down.

But the limits to the analogy are instructive to the violent dynamic of Israeli occupation. The Palestinians confront the Israeli state not as a dangerous necessity, but as an obstacle without value to the state.

That is why rather than exploit Palestinians, the Israeli state kills them, starves them, humiliates them, throws them off their land and forces them into exile.

In most of the textbooks given to Israeli children at state school, the occupied West Bank and Gaza do not exist. The Palestinian people are gone.

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