Los Angeles Palestinians and supporters reject Trump and Netanyahu’s ‘Joke of the Century’ by Chakib Mouzaoui

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Dr. Ahlam Muhtaseb, an attendee of the rally, the director of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at CSU San Bernardino, and co-director/executive producer of “1948: Creation & Catastrophe,” was unsurprised by the announcement of what she and Al-Awda Coalition called the “Joke of the Century.” Muhtaseb explained to Liberation News:

“I mean it was nothing out of what we expected from the alliance of Trump and Netanyahu. It just confirmed what we knew already: a continuation of land appropriation and theft, continuous genocide against the Palestinians in the form of more settlements and endorsement of settlements, more chunking of Palestinian land, where there is no room for a ‘Palestinian state,’ as they claim. Other problems with the plan are that it denies the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to their ancestral homeland, it allows for more land grab, and it totally erases Palestinian existence as a negotiator, as a part of whatever kind of peace deal that has to be made.”

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