This Game Set in the Gaza Strip Doesn’t Let You Win on WIRED

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That empathy that games generate makes them a “more engaging way to share messages, feelings, and experiences with everyone,” he says. But how does this work in Liyla, where the events being shared are the horrors of war, occupation, and genocide? “I had to break the rules of game design,” Abueideh admitted.

In one instance, for example, the game presents you with a choice. After barely surviving bombings and shootings, you make it to the beach. There, you encounter four boys playing football. Your daughter, Liyla, asks you if she can go offer the kids to join both of you. Most of the players choose for Liyla to try and save the kids, but that leads to the death of both your daughter and the boys, who are shot and killed by naval fire.

And then, it’s game over.

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