‘No Thanks, No Giving’ in the Time of the Coronavirus by Benay Blend

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In the year of the coronavirus, when Americans mourn that their celebrations will be missing extended family members and friends, due either to their deaths or restrictions put in place to prevent more deaths, it would be good to remember that the original settlers were uninvited guests, intruding on land which they would steal from its inhabitants.

Refusing to tell the real story of Thanksgiving implies committing genocide again. By erasing the history of Indigenous people—whether Native American or Palestinian—we side with the oppressor who wants to literally remove the people who are native to the land.

“We talk about the history because we must,” said Mahtowin Munro (Wampanoag), a co-organizer for the 50th National Day of Mourning in 2019. 

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Ending memoricide– the Nakba Museum project by Alice Rothchild

A decade ago I was on a speaking tour in Washington DC with Husam el Nounou, administrative director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program. I will never forget while exploring the National Museum of the American Indian, he suddenly left in tears. As we stood in front of the large stone edifice he explained this is what he fears for Palestinians, that we will mostly know their culture and history through static dioramas reflecting a reality that exists only in the past, while the remaining population is left to eke out a desperate existence living on reservations…

This deliberate state-sponsored erasure of Palestinian voices and the evidence of their centuries old existence thus constitutes a form of historical genocide, of attempting to destroy the memory of a people’s history and thus the people themselves. I suggest that refusing to forget is thus a deeply political act.

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