Palestinians condemn Pompeo’s visit to settlement winery on Mondoweiss

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Despite having the deeds to the land, landowners like Abdel Jawab Saleh, the former mayor of al-Bireh, have been unable to access their lands on Jabal al-Taweel for decades… “I remember when I was a child, I would go to the mountain with my mother and play in the local spring.”

… Saleh said he was living in exile when the settlement was established in 1981, and upon his return in the 1990’s to Palestine, he was devastated to find that the land of his parents was totally inaccessible to him.

Saleh said it was an “insult” to him and his family, that Pompeo was visiting an illegal settlement, whose “existence is a war crime,” all while him, his family, and neighbors are unable to go to the land.

“This visit is a symbol of the Israelis plan to one day forcibly expel all Palestinians from this land, and America’s partnership in this genocide,” he said.

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