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Why is there a question mark in the campaign’s name? Is Israel committing genocide against the Palestinian people? What are the counter arguments to your stance? What can I do about it? The answers to all these questions and more follow.

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We all know it’s genocide, what’s with the question mark?

Part of our aim is to provide information to the public, and we don’t want to provide misleading information. Genocide is legal terminology. The question mark is there, not because we doubt Israel is committing grave Crimes Against Humanity against the Palestinian people, but because we are asking the number one legal authority on the subject, in the world, to determine if Israel is committing the Crime of Genocide, regardless of our layperson opinion.

I know what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people is bad, but is it genocide?

Did you know there’s a very informative article, by Charles Davis on VISE, with that same title?

As we said, we aim to provide information and raise public awareness. In fact, we pride ourselves on this. If you question our premise, please feel free to browse through our Articles archive. We’ve read each and every article we post. Allow us to recommend the ones that we found most instructive as to the question of whether Israel is committing genocide:

I think I’m convinced that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people, but you’re only showing me information that supports this statement. Do you have resources arguing against it?

Obviously our goal is to argue that Israel is committing genocide against the indigenous Palestinian people. However, we are not afraid of debate. If you dig deeper into our Articles archive, you’ll find that many of the articles are actually rebuttals to the argument that Israel is not committing genocide. So the arguments against our own are actually presented here, on the website, within the same articles:

This is terrible, but the UN is politically motivated, it will never push to prosecute Israel for anything! 

Technically this isn’t a question, but we realise and feel your frustration, and think it’s a crucial point to address. The United Nations is indeed a politically motivated body, we just happen to think that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just as there are entities pushing for Israel’s continued impunity, each and every one of us is an entity pushing for its accountability.

That’s why our number one goal is to mobilise you to take action to pressure the UN, and particularly the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, to investigate Israel for the possibility that it’s committing genocide against the Palestinian people.

But we don’t stop at civil action and investigation. We expect the International Criminal Court, that’s mandate covers war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, to take initiative. More than anyone else, other than the perpetrators themselves, the ICC and the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide have a responsibility to act when made aware of the massive crimes they’ve been entrusted to prevent.

So please go to our Take Action page and write a letter to the UN Adviser and ICC Prosecutor right now!

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