Israel’s Bennett urges citizens to carry guns, says ‘this is the time’ on Middle East Eye

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Bennett said in a video statement from his home on Wednesday where he is quarantined after testing positive for Covid-19. “What is expected of you, Israeli citizens? Vigilance and responsibility. Whoever has a gun licence, this is the time to carry a gun. We are also currently evaluating a larger framework to involve civilian volunteers who want to help and be of assistance.”

… Meanwhile, requests for arms purchases by Israeli citizens have been on the rise… According to data from the ministry of public security, requests increased three and a half times from the same period last year… More than a thousand gun purchase applications have been submitted since the beginning of March, and the number of applications has doubled in the past two weeks. 

… Late on Tuesday, Uzi Dayan, a former Israeli army general and member of Israel’s parliament, warned the Palestinians of another Nakba. “The thing we need to tell the Arab community, even those who didn’t participate in the attacks, is to be careful,” he said. “If we reach a civil war situation, things will end in one word and a situation you know, which is Nakba,” he added. “This is what will happen in the end.” 

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