Protest outside White House as Israeli PM seeks assurance of U.S. support for apartheid on Liberation News

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Noting that Biden and Bennett were meeting to solidify their ties, she said: “It is further proof — as if more is needed — that the peace process has always and will continue to be a sham. It is evidence that we as Palestinians were never meant to have a say in our future, but are instead expected to take some sort of deal handed to us from above … When we resist as a people, Biden’s response is to invite our oppressor into his home. He claims progressive values, but what is progressive about genocide? After the Zionist regime dropped bombs on Gaza for 11 days straight, Biden sent an extra $735 million in weapons from Boeing to the Zionist regime.”

Marching in a broad circle around the White House grounds, the protesters chanted, “Bennett, Bennet you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide!”

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