Joe Biden and the Palestinians: Reflections from an Anti-Zionist Jewish American by Benay Blend

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There are many countries who have done the same or worse than Israel, so why single this issue out as a litmus test for not giving away my vote? In short, those countries are not committing genocide in my name.
Why should other voters who have no personal connection to Palestine care about Biden’s political position? While Israel might not be committing atrocities in their name, Biden claims that Israel and the United States share similar values, a mutual worldview that makes sense of a strong alliance.
Racist, anti-immigrant, neo-liberal economies—alas Biden might be right on this for both countries share similar settler-colonial histories.
In a recent interview, historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz puts the recent “reopen” protests into an historical context that makes this very clear. Just as Israel practices a policy of ethnic cleansing, so the procedure of “eliminating people,” she says, is “baked in [America’s] founding, Constitution and military.”
It’s always there “as a possibility,” she says, as it is now for anyone with a compromised immune system, “this idea to just get rid of them,” “cull out” the elderly, the poor so that the economy can re-open.

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