Guilt and Impunity: Gaza and COVID-19 by Judith Deutsch

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Israeli leaders brazenly and sadistically, overtly and covertly, carry out their matrix of control, securitization, and incremental genocide. This article raises the question of guilt. Eyal Weizman [3] explores the moral depravity wherein a lesser evil is justifiable if it prevents a greater evil. Michael Ignatieff, human rights scholar and once the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, defended the use of torture on this basis, and also said that he did not lose sleep over Israel’s massacre of 57 people, including 37 children, in the Lebanese village of Qana in 2006. Israel has bombed, with impunity, the entire life-sustaining infrastructure of Gaza, and unless the siege is entirely dismantled, there are many warnings that the Covid-19 pandemic could well be a holocaust.

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