Protesting Israel’s Dehumanization and Demonization of the Palestinians by Shahd Abusalama

Please TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW and send your letter to the UN Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and the International Criminal Court Prosecutor.

Israel’s culture of impunity assumes they can continue committing a gradual genocide against our existence, without us fighting back to reclaim our humanity and hold them accountable. If we “dare to dream,” to use Eurovision’s slogan this year, we face Israel’s multi-faced violence, which chases us wherever we go, even when we physically break free of Israeli systems of oppression to Europe. And unfortunately, the Israeli narrative continues to enjoy Western bias despite growing resistance from believers in global justice across the world. As a result, our suffering and yearning for freedom and justice is left unheard and unseen in the mainstream. Meanwhile, Israel and Western governments are criminalizing the BDS movement, which has given us an empowering non-violent tool to tackle those intersecting international systems of oppression against us, and a solidarity tactic to break this chain of complicity.

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