Zionist Problems with Intersectionality by Denijal Jegic

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In a Tablet piece, Benjamin Gladstoneadvocated for the inclusion of Jews into intersectionality. While the author seems to understand Crenshaw’s theory, he fails to view Jews outside of Zionist frameworks. His argument that “Jewish issues do belong in the intersectional justice movement,” is of course correct. However, by equating anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, he postulates both as “serious intersectional problems,” and thus alleges anti-Jewish racism to be a feature of intersectionality. Even more, the author paints Zionism as a “liberation movement” that “has the potential to not only coexist with but also support and energize other liberation movements, from women’s liberation to Palestinian nationalism.” This attempt to romanticize a genocidal settler-colonial movement overwrites the plight of Palestinians and marginalizes Jewish opposition to Zionism.

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