I demand an investigation of Moshe Feiglin under the law for preventing genocide by Yossi Gurvitz

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1. Yesterday, on 15/11/18, Mr. Moshe Feiglin was interviewed in Mr. Udi Segal’s show on Channel Two, during which interview he called for an ethnic cleansing bordering on genocide against the residents of the Gaza Strip. At the end of the interview, Feiglin cynically added the survivors ought to be applicable as refugees in the European Union.

… 2. I wish to note Mr. Feiglin’s comments on the issue are not new. During Operation Protective Edge, on 15/7/2014, Mr. Feiglin called for an ethnic cleansing of the Gaza Strip, demanding the unarmed inhabitants remove themselves to the Sinai Peninsula, and demanding the Gaza Strip, cleansed of its residents, should be used for Jewish settlement. Mr. Feiglin’s comments above appear on his Facebook page, here.

… 5. The aforementioned comments are allegedly a crime under the Law For Preventing and Punishing the Crime of Genocide, 5750-1950. The law defines genocide as an act “carried out with an attempt to destroy, whether fully or partially [my emphasis] a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.” For the purpose of this complaint, the relevant article is 3 (a) 2: Incitement to committing a genocide. The law says the punishment for incitement for genocide is the same as that of committing the crime itself

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