‘The world is creating another Palestine’ on Middle East Monitor

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The IRO was the first Arab charity on the ground in Cox’s Bazar when tens of thousands of refugees fled into neighbouring Bangladesh to escape the ethnic cleansing and genocide at the hands of the military in Myanmar.

“What I saw reminded me of Palestine,” said Badawi, whose family is from Gaza, but now has German citizenship. “There are many parallels, but at least those in the camps at Cox’s Bazar are safe from continued persecution.” Unlike, he pointed out, Palestinian refugees who are still being brutalised and oppressed today. “However, unless the international community acts swiftly the situation could turn into another intractable situation, which has been allowed to happen to the Palestinians.”

The Algerian MP nodded his agreement. “I am afraid that if this issue with the Rohingya people is not resolved soon it will indeed turn into a crisis like Palestine,” he told Chaudhury.

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