Fourth Committee Approves 3 Decolonization-Linked Draft Resolutions, as It Concludes General Debate on Israeli Practices in Occupied Arab Lands by United Nations

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EZZIDIN Y. BELKHEIR (Libya), associating himself with the League of Arab States and the Non‑Aligned Movement, asked what the United Nations and the international community were doing to end the situation.  The United States and other Western countries had exerted political pressure in favour of the two‑State approach, and the Palestinian people had therefore accepted it as well as the Oslo Accords.  However, Israel had violated further agreements and resolutions.  Furthermore, the reports before the Committee indicated a deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip as well as Israel’s continuing actions to undermine the two‑State approach, such as the demolition of houses and continuing discrimination against Palestinians.  “How can a military force benefiting from the support of major Powers continue to mock the international community while acting as a butcher?” he asked, further questioning whether the world would wake up one day to the news that there had been a genocide of the entire Palestinian people.

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