Restaurante do Recife é alvo de polêmica após colar adesivo de boicote a Israel / Restaurant in controversy for a boycott Israel sticker on FolhaPE

Please TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW and send your letter to the UN Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide and the International Criminal Court Prosecutor.

[Google Translate] Social networks circulated support opinions and also boycott the Papaya Verde restaurant, located in the neighborhood of Espinheiro, North Zone of Recife. It all started when the establishment fixed stickers produced by the Palestine Alliance of Recife (APR)  on the door containing the inscriptions “Free Palestine! It’s not war, it’s genocide! Boycott Israel! ”

Many people, through Facebook posts, have positioned themselves on the subject. Some defended the position, referring to the right of expression of one of the owners, who is of Palestinian origin. Others accused Papaya Verde of using a “hate speech.”

… The FolhaPE Portal also received a note from João Asfora, who wrote:

“I have never, in my entire life, treated anyone in the restaurant, whether Muslim, Jewish, Umbandist, spiritist or evangelical. I have always been an activist of the causes of the oppressed and exploited, and especially of the cause of the Palestinian people.

The stickers taken as offensive express my peaceful struggle for the rights of this people who suffer all kinds of violence from an abusive apartheid regime. As for the use of the word genocide in the stickers, anyone who says there is no genocide in these Israeli incursions in the Gaza Strip is at least blind or ill-intentioned.

Yes, I am a Palestinian! I am proud of my homeland and I am not deaf to the suffering of my people. I do not accept the genocidal Israeli government in the same way I do not accept the stupid Brazilian coup government.”