Malak Mattar dreamed of studying art abroad, now she is stuck in Gaza by Nada Elia

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Mattar’s dream in life, which sustained her during the darkest hours (literally working by candlelight, as electricity is only available for a couple of hours a day) was to leave Gaza and attend art school in the U.S… “My hope and my dream is to travel abroad freely, with no restrictions.” Under the current circumstances, with the genocidal siege holding the entire strip in a chokehold, her only hope was a scholarship. 

The young painter studied long and hard and aced her “Tawjihi” exams, the nationwide, end of high school test.  She placed first overall in the Gaza Strip, and second in the entire occupied territories.  The Palestinian Ministry of Education awards scholarships for college to study abroad to the top ten students from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Mattar’s dreams were about to come true. 

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