Changing the narrative, from BDS to antifa by Nada Elia, September 2017

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Today, as anti-fascist protesters are described by the mainstream as “violent thugs,” and as Americans are being told that racism is part of the fabric of this country and can therefore never be completely eliminated, the struggle for Palestinian rights offers an alternative vision: we don’t have to accept injustice, even when the system is set up, has always been set up, to perpetuate it.  We may be called terrorists, “thugs,” our tactics and strategies may be unpopular, but we can prevail, and rather than settle for “pacification” through extreme oppression, we can aspire to genuine peace—an outcome of justice and equality.  After all, Israel, just like the US, is a country founded on genocide and settler-colonialism, with the aim of establishing and maintaining the superiority of one perceived ethnicity.  And if we can question and challenge that fundamental injustice in one country, we can question and challenge it in another.

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