Israeli minister says Palestinians are bringing a ‘third Nakba’ upon themselves Israel/Palestine by Jonathan Ofir

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“We are not heading toward a third intifada, we are heading toward a third Nakba”

said Israeli Likud Minister for Regional Cooperation Tzachi Hanegbi on a Channel 2 interview on Saturday, using the Arabic work for “catastrophe,” which also refers to the Israeli displacement and dispossession of the Palestinian people which began with the founding of state in 1948.

“This is how a Nakba starts,” he said. “I pray that they do not bring a third Nakba on themselves”.

“They’ll lose control, the whole situation will spiral out of control, and the end result will be their misery and a third Nakba, which I emphatically do not wish for them.”

Whilst Hanegbi’s final added empathy could console some, to many others, particularly Palestinians, his statements may amount to a genocidal threat. 

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