Israel’s Final Solution to the ‘Palestine Problem’ by Richard Silverstein

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Last week, I heard MK Betzalel Smotrich present, before an esteemed group of public officials from the religious Zionist movement, his “decisive plan”–a plan to finally end the conflict and defeat it [Palestinian nationalism].  A plan, whose goal is to cut off any hope for Palestinian nationhood.  Three options will be put before the Palestinians (and possibly also the “Arabs of Israel,” that’s not clear):

  1. continue to live in the [occupied] territories that will be annexed to the State of Israel, without the right to vote for Knesset.  Their status will be as alien residents which, according to him, follows Jewish law which declares they must always be a bit inferior [to Jewish status].
  2. leave the country
  3. those who do not accept either of the two previous options–the IDF will know what to do.

When he was asked: “You’re also speaking of killing children and women from families who are not willing to accept these conditions?”  The answer was: “Yes.  When in war, as in war.”

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